Instructions for use - Rotunda Patient Transfer Aid - all models


The assistant wheels the Rotunda into position in front of the seated patient and ensures the turntable is locked in the home position and that the wheels are facing the assistant.

The patient places their feet onto the turntable anti-slip mat. They place their hands on the handle grip area and are assisted from a seated to a standing position.

The assistant unlocks and rotates the turntable smoothly left or right. There are two locking stations in either direction, once locked the patient is ready for transfer.

The assistant can now transfer the patient to a previously placed wheelchair, commode, chair or bed. The assistant then removes the Rotunda by tilting it back on to the wheels and moving it away.


attention - assess patient can weight bear before using the rotunda patient turner transfer aid

the rotunda patient turner transfer aid is not for transporting patients


maximum rotunda patient turner transfer aid turntable load is 39stone or 250kgs